Amazon might not be the first place you think of when you start shopping for your next new bedroom friend, but it turns out they have an exceptional selection of products that you can choose from. It doesn’t hurt that they have generally discreet shipping (most things just come in an Amazon box) and they’re often delivered much quicker than other places.

If you’re looking for the best sex toys on Amazon, we’ve gathered the top pick vibrators, cock rings and even a few anal toys. Whether you’re looking for a brand new wand, a toy to stimulate your clitoris or something else entirely, we’ve probably got it on our list!

Best sex toys on Amazon

Luna vibrating wands

The Luna wand vibrator is a small-but-mightly little sex toy that you can use on your own or with a partner. It features eight intense vibration levels and 20 different patterns so you can truly customize your me time. Not to mention there is a built-in intuitive memory feature so when you turn the vibrator back on, it remembers where you left off.

It find that it’s hard to find quality sexy toys on Amazon, but based on the reviews and the overall elegant look on the product this is one of the true exceptions to the rule. It has over 20,000 reviews on Amazon with an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5. For just under $30 you can have a toe-curling experience that, according to happy customers, you won’t be disappointed about.

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Satisfyer Pro 2 clit stimulator

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is a quiet and discreet clitoral stimulator that you can find right on Amazon. It uses air pulses delivered directly to your clitoris, and while it’s a little strange if you’ve never experienced before, it can be highly pleasuring once you get the hang of it—whether you’re using it with or without a partner.

It’s a waterproof sex toy, which means it’s easy to clean and take care of. And it’s legitimately quiet which means someone could be on the other side of the wall and have no idea what you’re doing under the covers. There are over 35,000 reviews on Amazon with an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5. One reviewer wrote that it “will make you feel like the Queen you were always meant to be.”

Dame Kip vibrator

The Dame Kip vibrator is one of the most unique-looking sex toys on Amazon, but what it lacks for in classic vibe design it makes up for in performance. I’m actually a huge fan of the unusual look of Dame sex products, their elegant packaging and overall quality. It’s a little bit more expensive, but thousands of women around the world agree that it’s worth it.

At under 4 inches in length, this is from the mini-vibrator family and makes the perfect travel companion. Its completely waterproof which means cleaning is easy, but it has 5 intensities and 4 patterns. Plus it’s whisper-quiet so you don’t have to worry about anyone knowing what you’re up to. Women say it’s cute, sleek, quiet and, most importantly, effective!

Svakom vibrating cock ring

Now, I know what you’re thinking—how is a cock ring really a toy for women? But the Tyler is built specifically to share with your partner. This couples sex toy hooks around your male partner’s penis and the vibrator attached to it sits against your clitoris, pleasuring you during penetrative sex. It’s really a win-win scenario.

These are quiet but powerful sex toys on Amazon, built not only to kick up your sex game but help with your male partner’s stamina. It’s fully waterproof and made of silicone, which means it’s super easy to clean. There are over 1,000 positive reviews of this bad boy with an overall rating of 4.2 out of 5. Satisfied users say the toy is heavenly.

Lelo beginner’s Kegel exercise balls

These Lelo Kegel exercise balls are perfect for beginners. They feature 2 silicone sleeves an 2 28Gg and 37g beads that you can mix and match as you exercise. Kegel exercises help tone your pelvic floor, making it easier to prevent or control urinary incontinence and other issues you might come across.

While not technically “sex toys” they are pleasurable, and these particular ones have 1,200 reviews on Amazon, leaving them with a 4.2 out of 5 rating. Users say these are small but powerful tools and one even mentioned that exercising with them has helped them better achieve an orgasm.

Louviva Confetti realistic dildo

While not everyone is looking for a realistic dildo, for those that are the Louviva Confetti delivers. If you overlook the confetti colouring, this sex toy legitimately resembles a penis. Made from medical-grade silicone, it’s total length is 7 inches, but you can only insert 5.9-inches and it has the width of 1.9-inches. It also features a strong suction cup at the bottom so you can have a hands-free experience.

This average-sized dildo is perfect for those just starting their masturbation journey, and you can combine it with your favourite vibrator for some extra fun. Over 1,600 people reviewed this sex toy, and it has an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5. It’s often described as “adorable” by reviewers but they say that it’s the perfect size and it provides a truly enjoyable experience.

Tenga Iroha mini clit vibrator

The Tenga Iroha is another one of the unique sex toys on Amazon that you might want to take a look at. This mini vibrator is for external use only (because of its small size) but it apparently packs quite the punch. Reviewers say something this small is great for taking on the road with you (someone specifically mentioned camping).

This vibrator isn’t as quiet as some of the ones on the list but it’s more intense than most people think it’s going to be. This is also not a submergible vibrator, so keep that in mind when you’re using and cleaning it. One of the biggest complaints from reviewers is that due to it’s small size and shape, it can be a little hard to get a good grip on.

Akstore 3-piece luxury jewelry anal plug set

If you’re interested in trying out anal play, then the Akstore 3-piece anal plug set might just fit the bill. This comes with three different sizes, so you can start out small and go bigger as you get more comfortable. These are sex toys on Amazon that provide quality, style and comfort.

This set comes in 12 different colours, including the pink we’ve featured. It’s made of stainless steel, which is smooth to the touch, easy to clean and convenient to insert. These plugs have over 2,900 reviews with a 4.6 out of 5 rating overall. It’s important to note that some veterans to the anal game say that these are too small, so they’re definitely for beginners.

Pixie clitoris vibrator

The Pixie vibrator is super cute, small, powerful and quiet sex toy. It’s described as being a spirited vibrator with 10 different speeds that can be held in the palm of your hand. It has 2 hours of use time and you can charge this mini vibrator on the go using its USB cord, making it an ideal little travel companion.

This little guy has 726 reviews on Amazon with a 4.1 out of 5 rating overall. It has three different speeds you can use, and reviewers say that it’s a great quality product. However one reviewer mentioned that the prongs are pretty far apart so it doesn’t work for smaller women. A number of the reviews also say that Pixie has exceptional customer service.

Paloqueth g-spot rabbit vibrator

The Paloqueth g-spot rabbit vibrator is one of the sex toys on Amazon that delivers both function and elegance. It combines a traditional penis head with a curved, smooth shaft and features a 2-pronged addition for the clitoris. It’s billed as being whisper-quiet, which means that even if you have a nosy roommate you can still use it. Plus it’s waterproof, which means you can use it in the bathtub.

This little number has over 18,000 reviews on Amazon with an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5. Reviewers say this sex toy is “unbelievably amazing” and is perfect when it comes to spicing up the bedroom. It has nine different vibrating options which means you can play how you want to.

Dame Eva II Vibrator

If you’re looking for one of the more unique shaped sex toys on Amazon, the Dame Eva II definitely delivers. This cute little vibe provides a hands-free experience with or without a partner as the arms are meant to hangout underneath your labia to hold it securely in place. This toy is fully waterproof and provides more punch than you’d expect for such a small little toy.

One reviewer said this little vibrator is the key to a good night’s sleep, while another shares that it’s quiet and discreet but you do need a little practise when it comes to placement. On a personal, slightly unrelated note, I love that it’s made by Dame, a company founded by women.

Womanizer duo rabbit vibrator

Womanizer makes exceptional sex toys, and their rabbit duo is no exception. It comes in 4 different colours, has 12 intensity levels and 10 different patterns available to use. What makes this rabbit vibrator unique is that it combines an insertable vibrator with a air-suctioned clitoris stimulator for the ultimate pleasure.

This toy is completely waterproof and uses a magnetic USB charger, so you can power it up anywhere. This toy is a little pricer than you might consider spending, but reviewers say it’s well worth it. The only real complaint that reviewers have is related to the charging cord which they say can be a little hard to plug in.

Elegance wand vibrating massager

There are a lot of wand vibrating sex toys on Amazon, but if you’re looking for something simple and powerful than the Elegance is a top pick. If the black is too intense for you, there are 3 other colour choices to choose from. It comes with 8 speeds and 20 vibrating patterns so you can play how you choose.

This wand vibrator is only water resistant, so you can’t take it in the bathtub with you. But it’s easy to clean and over 3,200 people have reviewed it, leaving it with a 4.4 out of 5 overall rating. One reviewer described it as super powerful, like “riding a motorcycle.”

Dame Arc in Ice

Another one of Dame’s sex toys on Amazon is the Arc vibrator. It’s a small, elegant g-spot vibrator that’s easy to use and perfect for those looking for more of a discreet-looking sex toy. It has a bit of a mixed reception on Amazon, but I know plenty of people that love it.

These products are made of superior quality and have a slim, minimalistic design. For those of us looking for elegance and simplicity, this might just be the perfect toy. It comes not only in the white, but a subdued pretty pink.

Lelo Nea 2 small vibrator

For something so small, the Lelo Nea 2 has “astonishing power and elegant beauty.” It has 8 vibration settings with adjustable strength so you get the playtime that you’re looking for. It’s fully rechargeable and waterproof. Plus you can get this cute little toy in three colours, all of which feature a smooth glossy finish.

Reviewers say that this vibrator is gorgeous and there’s no shame when it comes to leaving it on the nightside table, but it’s a little hard to position correctly. But many have enjoyed this vibrator, say it holds a good charge and provides a truly sensual experience.

Tenga Delta vibrator

While I’ve never used the Tenga Delta personally, I love the overall look of it. It’s very contemporary, but has a rotation that can give you different angles. One thing I will say about this design is that you’ll need to take a lot of care when it comes to cleaning because of all the rivets and folds.

This vibrator requires AAA batteries to keep it running, but it’s a great tool to use for couples or solo play. If you’re looking for something simple and compact, this might just be a good choice of sex toys on Amazon.

Purple partner vibrator for couples

The Nina-vibe is a slim, insertable experience that you can share with your partner. It vibrates and sucks while helping to stimulate your partner during penetrative sex. Couples sex toys can be a bit challenging to use, but once you get the hang of it, this vibrator can give you a real wild ride.

This vibrator has 7 different pulsating patterns and 7 different speeds that you can enjoy. Reviewers say that this couples vibrator not only met but exceeded their expectations. It has over 1,500 reviews and carries a 4.1 out of 5 rating overall. Though they warn you might need to play around with a few sex positions before you find the perfect one for this particular toy.

Dame Pom vibrator

The Dame Pom mini-vibrator sits in your hand and bends to hit all of the ideal pleasure spots. It has a soft and flexible body that provides a truly comfortable experience whether you’re on your own or spending time with someone else. It’s USB-chargable with 1.5 hours of use time during each charge, and is waterproof and made of silicone.

Reviewers give it an overall 4.1 out of 5 rating and mention that while it’s small it has a powerful vibe. It was designed for women by women, so you know it’s built with you in mind. And a few even mentioned that it has some life-changing quality.

Luxeluv Coco g-spot vibrator

This little rechargeable dildo is perfect if you’re looking for a g-spot vibrator that’s affordable and easy-to-use. It’s easy to clean with a magnetic charger, and is perfect to use with a water-based lube. It features velvet-soft silicone with 9 different patterns to enjoy.

Over 8,000 people have reviewed it on Amazon, leaving it with a 4.4 out of 5 overall rating on the platform. Reviewers highly recommend it, saying that it’s quiet and mighty. Plus, it comes in discreet packaging if that’s something you’re specifically looking for.

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