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17 Plus Size Shacket Outfits Perfect for Fall

Looking for the best plus size shacket outfits that you can put together this fall? You’re not alone.

This trendy fashion piece is catching on, quickly – but not everyone’s sure exactly how they should be dressing it. Can you make it fancy enough for work? What about casual enough to run out to the farmer’s market in leggings?

Luckily, shackets are super versatile and you can wear them however you want. But to help you out, I’ve put together 17 STELLAR plus size shacket outfits that I think you’ll just love (I know I do!).

What is a shacket?

A shacket is the cozy marriage of a snuggly hoody and a dressier jacket. It essentially dresses up a sweater or shirt (sh) and pairs it with a jacket (acket) to create something that can be worn in and outdoors adding a little warmth – ie., the “shacket.”

These bad boys are a little thicker than your average shirt, giving you a little bit of a warmer layer. However, they’re not quite as thick as full-on winter coat. They can be worn as shirts if you want, but most people wear them like a cardigan or something to add a bit more warmth under your coat.

Whatever you decide to do with them, they’re SUPER cute. Here are a few of my favorite picks and how to style them:

Shacket Outfit Ideas for Plus Size


1. Editor’s Pick: Boyfriend Shacket

Size range: 1X to 5X
Largest size measurements (5X):

  • Bust 58.5 inches
  • Waist 50.5 inches
  • Hip 60.5 inches

Color: Sky Blue (pictured), Apricot, Black, Brown, Gray, Green, Pink, Red, White, Yellow

Cute and casual, this greeny-blue shacket is made with a vintage-looking corduroy. It’s the perfect plus size shacket to add to your wardrobe.

I like that it has a very simple look and feel to it, and I like that it goes down past the hips like a legitimate cardigan-style piece.


Casual Swing Dress


Opaqure Tights

bruno marc

Lace Up Oxfords

I like pairing this solid-colored shacket with a bold, fun dress like this mushroom swing dress. Mushroom core is a real aesthetic trend right now, and I LOVE the fun but neutral color shade.

You can top it all off with a pair of opaque tights – I chose black, but honestly any cute semi-neutral color will do. Then add a fun pair of funky oxford. This outfit is GREAT for teachers, students and anyone who wants a fun, sightly out there date night outfit.

Terra & Sky

2. Button Down Waffle Shacket

Size range: 1X to 5X
Largest size measurements (5X):

  • Bust 58.5 inches
  • Waist 50.5 inches
  • Hip 60.5 inches

Color: Black

I’ll admit that the button-down waffle shacket is pretty similar to my first choice. But because it’s a truly neutral black, I felt it needed it’s own mention.

A black shacket can go with pretty much anything, making it a great choice to add to your collection. Whether you want something to cover up on a light hike or you need to run to the grocery store, it’s the perfect addition.


Relaxed Bib Overalls

old navy

Slub-Knit Tunic


Regan Slip-On

This shacket pairs perfectly with a more country casual look.

Throw it together with a relaxed bib overalls, solid-colored slub-knit tunic (or another white t-shirt), and a cute pair of Regan slip-ons. All together this is a great outfit for visiting the gardening center or going out to a diner for lunch with friends.

lane bryant

3. Button-Front French Terry Shacket

Size range: 10 to 40
Largest size measurements (38/40):

  • Bust 68 inches
  • Waist 62 inches
  • Hip 70.5 inches

Color: Copper

I really love the button-front French terry shacket because you can wear it solo as a shirt or shrug it over something, throwing it in jacket mode.

It’s made of a comfy cotton and polyester combination that’s a pleasure to wear and looks really sharp. I like the stylish collar, flap pockets and decorative stitching.

Dream cloud

Western Boots


Like-Leather Leggings

old navy

Sleeveless Bodysuit

The longer length works perfectly to cover over the edges of skinny jeans or cute leather-like leggings. In fact, I think it makes for a great cardigan-style top for a leather legging outfit.

Pair those faux-leather leggings with a stylish, sleeveless body suit and some western boots for a country-style look. It’s a way to dress like a modern cowgirl without going over the top.


4. Quilted Shacket

Size range: 0X to 4X
Largest size measurements (4X):

  • Bust 57 inches
  • Waist 53 inches
  • Hip 59 inches

Color: Uniform Olive, Stormy Blush

This quilted shacket is PERFECT for fall weather. Because it has a little extra padding, it’s really meant to be more of an outdoor jacket, which does bode well if you’re doing something like stargazing.

The front pockets for this bad boy are functional (hell yeah!) and it has a simple button-up front (honestly, it’s great for an early fall camping trip). Not to mention both colors it comes in are versatile while still fashionable.

lane bryant

Relaxed Plaid


Cool Comfort Jegging


Ice Maiden II

In alignment with cold weather, I recommend pairing this comfy and cute jacket with a warm, cozy relaxed plaid shirt and a pair of cute jeggings. Then, if you’re headed out in the snow, I recommend a pair of winter boots – the Ice Maiden II by Columbia is one of my favorite picks.

and now this

5. Cropped Shacket

Size range: 0X to 4X
Largest size measurements (4X):

  • Bust 56.5 inches
  • Waist 49.5 inches

Color: Oregano, Bleached Sand

Not the warmest outside choice, this cropped shacket is still hella cute.

It’s an unlined piece with a finely tailored collar and a front-buttoned closure. The shacket is cropped just above the hips, making it great to pair with a cute maxi dress (see my pick below!).

This piece has just a touch of stretch to it, and has long-sleeves with fashionable cuffs.

and now this

Ruffle Maxi


Double Decker Sneaker

clare v.

Midi Sac

I like this cropped shacket paired with a trendy smocked ruffle maxi dress. It’s flowy skirt will match perfectly with the straight edge of the jacket building an interesting look in complimentary fashion.

But it’s not all flowing beauty, I say make this a cute and casual outfit perfect for the pumpkin patch. Pair it with some white Keds and a cute fall-focused bag for some rad fall fashion.


6. Checkered Fleece Shacket

Size range: 0X to 4X
Largest size measurements (4X):

  • Bust 56.5 inches
  • Waist 49.5 inches

Color: Black Combo



Ghoul Friends Tee


Straight Jean

hey dude shoes

Wendy Rise Eyelet

Not going to lie, I was kind of looking for an outfit that I could pair with the Wendy Rise Eyelet sneakers because they’re adorable – and it turns out I love the idea of them with this checkered shacket.

Pair those cute runners with some straight embroidered jeans and a fun graphic t-shirt for the perfect cute AND casual, up-for-anything, outfit.

Plaid Shacket Outfit Ideas

ulla popken

7. Oversized Plaid Shacket

Size range: 12 to 30
Largest size measurements (28/30):

  • Bust 59.74 inches
  • Waist 54.75 inches
  • Hip 62.25 inches

Color: Off-White

If you’re a big fan of duster jackets, this oversized plaid shacket is for you.

This jacket hits just below the knee, features a shirt collar, two chest pockets and long sleeves with stylish cuffs. I love the classic plaid pattern that you can dress up or down, depending on how you want to style it.


Ankle Boot

ulla popken

Tunic Blouse


High Rise Tight

I’ll admit that I’m more on the edge with casual for this outfit.

I recommend a longer tunic blouse (who doesn’t love a gorgeous orange) paired with a high-rise tight. Both are perfect for a casual day at home or something out and about running errands. And, because fall can mean rain, I’d pair it with some fun rain boots – these Jileon ankle boots are my fave!


8. Elements Plaid Shacket

Size range: 14 to 28
Largest size measurements (26/28):

  • Bust 61 inches
  • Waist 55 inches
  • Hip 64 inches

Color: Plaid

The Elements Plaid Shacket is cute and cozy, perfect for everyday wearing.

It has a relaxed fit that’s perfect for those of us that prefer to have looser clothing. There is a classy shirt collar that looks quite sharp, and full-length sleeves that will help keep you cozy.

You can dress this piece up if you want, but it’s probably fit more for a Thanksgiving dinner than it is a day at the office.


Cable Sweater


Butter Denim Jean



For a cozy fall (or winter) night with the family, I recommend pairing this shacket with a hella cute cable knit sweater (every girl needs one!).

Family dinners tend to be casual enough that you can wear a pair of jeans, and I happen to love Avenue’s Butter Denim. Finally, I like an indoor-outdoor shoe like a cute moccasin.

cato fashions

9. Mixed Plaid Shacket

Size range: 14 to 28
Largest size measurements (26/28):

  • Bust 54 inches
  • Waist 46 inches
  • Hip 57 inches

Color: Partridge

This Mixed Plaid Shacket is also a more casual pick that’s perfect for days spent in the yard or by the campfire.

I like the oversize look and feel to this shirt. It has a full button-up front with two different plaid patterns mixed on the collar and seams. The brown and taupe color is perfectly neutral without being boring.

lane bryant

Wide Leg Jeans

old navy

V-Neck Tee

cato fashions

Ankle Boots

It’s a great fall-themed shacket, and I recommend pairing it with a few other gorgeous autumn pieces.

A pair of brown wide-legged jeans is perfect for cool weather casual. An off-white v-neck t-shirt can help ensure that you don’t pull attention away from your cute jacket. Finally, some cute wide width chunky boots are a top pick!

Long Shacket Outfit Ideas

lane bryant

10. Corduroy Long Shacket

Size range: 12 to 28
Largest size measurements (28):

  • Bust 56 inches
  • Waist 50 inches
  • Length 58.5 inches

Color: French Oak

This corduroy long shacket is perfect for anyone who wants something that they can dress up or down. With the right pieces, this is absolutely something you can wear to work.

It features a very classic collar with long sleeves and a single-button cuff. I appreciate the versatility of the piece, and the French oak color really can pair with anything.


Knotted Jumpsuit


Stretchy Crew Neck


Star Sneakers

I like this corduroy shacket paired with a cute knotted sleeve jumpsuit. It’s a simple jumpsuit but gives you a really homey outfit.

Underneath the jumpsuit (since it’s overall style), I’d throw a basic stretchy crew neck in a white, cream or even gray. And finally, I’d put it altogether with my favorite Star Sneakers by Taos.


11. Long Windowpane Shirt-Jacket

Size range: 2X to 3X

Largest size measurements (3X):

  • Bust 50 inches
  • Waist 43 inches

Color: Spiced Raisin

Madewell’s long duster-style Windowpane Shirt-Jacket is perfect for those that want a spicier fall piece. Pair this with a spiced pumpkin latte and you’re ready for autumn to make it’s way home.

I love that this particular jacket is made of sustainable materials, and has hand-warming welt pockets that are perfect for fall AND winter (depending on how cold it gets).

Lane Bryant

Pull-On Ponte Pant

Dream cloud

Chelsea Bootie

forever 21


While there are lots of possibilities with outfit choices, I recommend a cute pair of pull-on Ponte pants, I like these browny-red ones. I’d add a cute but simple bodysuit and a pair of Chelsea booties to the mix to make a fall outfit.

Faux Leather Shacket Outfit Ideas


12. Faux Leather Belted Shacket

Size range: 1X to 4X
Largest size measurements (4X):

  • Bust 57.5 inches
  • Waist 51.3 inches
  • Length 60.3 inches

Color: Biscotti, Camel, Black

Made of 100% polyurethane, this faux leather shacket is super cute and perfect for the fatshionista on the go.

It has interior lining, so it’s great for cooler weather, feature two lower-welt hand pockets and two upper-chest snap pockets (easy organization AND functionality). The matching faux-leather belt is detachable, great for designing the perfect look.

I love that this piece is so versatile, you can practically wear it with anything. But let’s dress it up a bit.


Pebble Print Dress


Trayle Sandal

michael kors

Jet Set Crossbody

To dress up this cute jacket, I recommend pairing with a gorgeous tie-waist pebble print dress. For warmer weather, or at least NOT cold weather, I’d wear something like the Trayle sandal and put it together with this fabulous Michael Kors Jet Set Charm Crossbody.


13. Faux-Suede Shacket

Size range: XXS to 6X
Largest size measurements (6X):

  • Bust 57.5 inches
  • Waist 51.25 inches
  • Hip 60.25 inches

Color: Dark Brown Cafe, Burgundy

I know that technically suede and leather are different materials BUT if you really get down to it, they’re the same with a different end result… so I’ve paired them together. Not only does Levi’s create a stellar faux-leather shacket, they also have a trendy suede one.

This shacket is lined, which makes it a great fall-focused option. It has a hidden zipper even though it LOOKS like it features a button closure. There are also button closed pockets, so you can put away all your valuables.

LAne Bryant

V-Neck Midi Dress

Mix No. 6

Aliciana Sandal


Cleo Clutch

To dress this suede shacket up, I recommend pairing it with a simple but cute v-neck midi dress and some heeled sandals like the Aliciana design. You can pull this whole look together by adding a sleek, cute Cleo clutch – it’s the PERFECT date night outfit.

Pink Shacket Outfit Ideas

Forever 21

14. Corduroy Shacket

Size range: 0X to 3X
Largest size measurements (3X):

  • Bust 50 inches
  • Waist 44 inches
  • Length 54.5 inches

Color: Light Pink

I LOVE the blush pink of this corduroy shacket. While the material makes it seem like it should be casual, I think you can really dress this bad boy up with the right items.

It features two button-closure breast pockets which are perfect for giving a dated yet trendy appeal.

Forever 21

Faux-Leather Bustier


Pencil Skirt


Wide Loafer

I recommend pairing this shacket with a faux-leather bustier (especially if you’re using it as a going out outfit) and a pencil skirt. Not only is this fashion forward, it’s a good play on traditional style. But while you’re out and about, you’ll want to keep your feet comfy, and that’s where a pair of solid loafers come in.

Just one

15. Plus Size Plaid Shacket

Size range: 1X to 3X
Largest size measurements (6X):

  • Bust 52 inches
  • Waist 45 inches
  • Hip 54 inches

Color: Fuchsia Pink

If you’re looking for a light, bright pink plus size plaid shacket, I like this one by Just One.

Not only is it a relatively affordable choice, but it’s perfect for heading out in warmer weather (it’s the bright color that does it for me).

Dream Cloud

Mid-Calf Moto Boot

Lane bryant

Signature Skinny Jean

lane bryant

Livi Tank

For a funky look, I recommend pairing this shacket with some white Signature Skinny Jeans, a basic Livi Tank and top it all off with a pair of combat boots like the Mid-Calf Moto Boot.

Denim Shackit Outfits

Lane Bryant

16. Oversized Light Denim Shacket

Size range: 12 to 40
Largest size measurements (38/40):

  • Bust 68 inches
  • Waist 62 inches
  • Length 70.5 inches

Color: Light Denim

This Oversized Light Denim Shacket is perfect for the casual fatshionista.

Made of 100% cotton, this half shirt, half jacket is perfect for fall or spring layering. It features a button-up front with two side pockets that brings a real casual look to the table.

Lane bryant

Scoop-Neck Tank

lane bryant

Boyfriend Jogger Jean

Dr. scholl’s

Madison Slip-On

This top is great for a casual look, pair it with a scoop-neck tank top, a pair of boyfriend jogger jeans, and some cute Madison slip-ons. This is the perfect outfit for running errands or meeting up with friends.


17. Denim Button-Front Duster by J.Jill

Size range: XS to 4X
Largest size measurements (4X):

  • Bust 55.5 inches
  • Waist 48.5 inches
  • Hip 58.25 inches

Color: Somerset Wash

This denim button-front duster is gorgeous, and perfect for ANY occasion – both cute and casual. I like the light wash that features tortoise style buttons and two flapped pockets. The stitching helps give it a vintage look and feel, but it’s very modern fashion forward.


Straight-Leg Jean

City Chic

Ophelia Top

mellow world

Vivienne Satchel Bag

To continue with the light, bright outfit idea I recommend pairing it with some white natural high-rise jeans and a cute light-pink Ophelia top. Pair it with a super cute satchel bag and you’re ready to head out on the town.

Final Thoughts: Plus Size Shacket Outfits

Putting together a plus size shacket outfit doesn’t need to feel like a chore, there are PLENTY of things you can do. Seriously, these are a totally versatile piece that you can use as a top, a jacket, or both!

I like that there are different choices – if you want a warmer shacket to sub in for your jacket, you have that option. But if you simply want a shirt, that’s an option too.

Overall, shackets are a great addition to your wardrobe. Combining two great pieces of clothing is a great way to build out a wardrobe.

Looking to stock up on 2-for-1 pieces? Check out:

  • Skorts – a beautiful marriage between a short and a skirt!

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