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Plus-Size Valentine’s Day Outfit Choices for Your Date

Valentine’s Day is a week away and you might be pondering what you want to wear. Seriously, aren’t we all? Lucky for you, I have come up with a few plus-size Valentine’s Day outfit ideas that you might want to take for a ride.

I will not be going on a glamorous date this year. Instead, I’m trading my Valentine’s Day in to help others find their special someone by hosting a live-matching event for Secret RSVP, but that doesn’t mean that I’m giving up on my wardrobe.

So, if you’re wondering what to wear this Valentine’s Day, here are a few plus-size outfits that I’m pondering:

Plus-size Valentine’s Day outfit ideas: Dresses

1. Fun & flirty by Anthropologie

If you’re headed to a fancier outing with your date, a fun and flirty full-length dress might just be the answer.

I like the Rosalita maxi by Anthropologie because it’s bold and elegant while giving a conservative look in case it’s colder or you want to cover your arms or legs.

It’s flowy, fashion-forward and has a hint of spring while keeping you covered up during the winter months.

However, this dress isn’t the most plus-friendly of plus-size dresses as it maxes out at a 3X.

2. Little black dress by Unique Vintage

You can never go wrong with a little black dress. Seriously never. And, if you think that you have a plus-size body that doesn’t look good in an LBD, think again. This keyhole fit and flare dress by Eloquii is perfect for us curvier ladies!

It has a simple but glamorous look with the cute keyhole neck design. And if black isn’t your colour, you can go with one golden astrid, violet visions, zinfandel and astralias. By-the-way, Christy Metz is wearing the golden astrid version of this dress in her most recent Good Housekeeping cover, so you’re in good company. 

3. Bold & beautiful jumpsuit by Unique Vintage

A jumpsuit isn’t exactly a dress. But most retailers throw them into the dress category, so it seemed fitting.

If you’re anything like me, dresses just don’t work for you.

I’m not sure if it’s my body shape or size, or simply the fact that I don’t have the look but dresses just aren’t for me. But the full-body fashion experience can be liberating,

I don’t know if it’s my body shape, size, or just the fact that I don’t have the right look, but I can’t seem to find one that works. But the full-body fashion experience can be liberating.

Ok, a jumpsuit isn’t exactly a dress, but they’re often classified as one for the purposes of retailers, so we’re going to follow suit in this article.

I absolutely LOVE jumpsuits, and this power pink scuba jumpsuit from ASOS is no exception. Jumpsuits are like your favorite dress and pantsuit combined. In my world, they’re the best of both worlds. With one downside: you basically have to get undressed to go to the bathroom.

That slight inconvenience aside, a formal-ish jumpsuit is a great date-night dress. It has a cross front with slightly off-the-shoulder sleeves. Paired with a cute pair of heels or, my favurite, a cute flat, it’ll be the perfect plus size Valentine’s Day outfit for this year’s date.

Plus-size Valentine’s Day outfit ideas: Sexy suit

Black suit jacket by Avenue
Image: Avenue

4. “Dad suit” combo

Who doesn’t love a good dad suit?

If you’re looking for an oversized blazer to wear on your Valentine’s date, I’d recommend this black blazer by Avenue.

This is a crossover between formal and casual wear in a date setting.

While we usually give suits over to the formal side, the funky, fresh nature of this bad boy makes it fit a casual environment. 

Black three-piece Mother of the Bride suit by Flycurvy
Image: Flycurvy

5. Mother of the Bride pants suit by Flycurvy

If you want to go beyond the classic blaster this Valentine’s Day, then this Mother of the Bride pants suit is for you.

No, it’s not just for weddings… but if you happen to be headed to a wedding later this year, it can pull double duty.

Pair this with a killer pair of heels or even a simple flat shoe (for those of us that suck at walking in heels).

Plus-size Valentine’s Day outfit ideas: Pants

6. Comfy, casual pant

I love a straight-legged utility pant for a date because they can be dressed up or down, depending on the shirt you match it with.

Not only can they be dressed up or down, but they can also be more comfortable than a pair of jeans—at least for this guy. I particularly like Nordstrom’s dark green pair because of the cute front tie.

When looking for a good pair of utility pants, I always make sure I find ones with pockets—seriously, I can’t figure out why ANY piece of clothing wouldn’t have pockets. And something easy to care for.

The ones I have pictured here can be washed in the machine but need to be hung to dry.

Image: Macy’s

7. Slim-leg dress pants by JM Collection

If you’re looking for something a little more formal, then try a pair of these tummy control dress pants.

These slim-leg dress pants are a staple in many plus-size closets. These are an especially great choice if your Valentine’s Day date night comes right after work.

Paired with the right top and shoes, this can be a great backdrop for your outfit. Wear it with a button-up blouse, comfy sweater or sexy bodysuit, depending on what look you’re going for.

It’s a great plus size Valentine’s Day outfit for a semi-casual restaurant date.

H&M True to You Skinny Jean
Image: H&M

8. True to You skinny jean by H&M

Jeans are a must-have for every closet, and if your plus size Valentine’s Day outfit needs to be casual, then they might be your best pick. I love the H&M skinny jeans.

They have a cigarette-leg, dark wash colour and show off your overall gorgeous shape!

If you’re headed on a casual Valentine’s Day bowling outing, hanging out at the mini-golf or meeting at a pub, these are definitely fit for you.

If you’re like me and you’re worried that your jeans are going to roll their way down, then pair them with a cute belt or pair of suspenders

Plus-size Valentine’s Day outfit ideas: Tops

9. Light and floral bodysuit

I love a good plus-size bodysuit because they help avoid pesky things like my shirt riding up or my underwear showing if I bend over.

And if you can get over the fact that you do pretty much have to get down to your skivvies when wearing them to go to the bathroom, you might love them too!

You can get bodysuits in a formal or casual style. For a date, I like this long-sleeved fun floral print one by Unique Vintage. You’ll need to make sure that you have a pair of high-waisted pants but beyond that it’ll be perfect!

If you want something more casual, I have this t-shirt style bodysuit and it’s super comfortable. 

10. Comfy & cute sweater

If you live in a colder place like yours truly, try something like this geometric print top.

It’s a sweater knit top, so it’ll give you a little warmth but isn’t a full-on sweater so it can be worn in a more formal setting.

It can transition from a formal restaurant to a casual movie environment without batting an eyelash. It’s the perfect top to pair with your plus size Valentine’s Day outfit.

Valentine’s Day lingerie outfits for plus size ladies

11. Bold lacy teddy by Savage x Fenty

The sweetheart lace teddy by Savage x Fenty might by my absolute favorite teddy.

To be fair, I LOVE the bold yellow and green that’s kind of see through but hides enough to make you guess a little (admittedly not much).

The details are cute AF and it’ll help make your Vday that much sexier!

Image: Amazon

12. Sexy and bold plus-size babydoll by Avidlove

If you’re spending the night in this Valentine’s Day, or taking the party home afterwards, you’ll probably want something to impress in the bedroom.

Of course, while a sexy babydoll is super cute, it won’t impress nearly as much as you do — but something to accent your performance, if you will.

I LOVE a babydoll because there’s something particularly girly about it, even in the midst of something naughty.

It also flows really well, is easy to remove, and can work with some of my favorite plus size positions. The best part about this particular piece is that if you don’t love the virginal white I’ve got pictured, they have everything from a seductress black to pretty-in-pink!

12. Lace-up corset by Savage x Fenty

If you’re into something with a little more of a boudoir feeling, I’d recommend a sexy AF lace-up corset by Savage x Fenty. You’ll want to pair it with a flirty bottom to match… or you can ditch the bottoms altogether and have yourself a pants-less night in.

It features underwire so they girl’s look good, but the cups are unlined so it’s not adding anything extra. It comes with garter straps that can be removed, and a hook-and-eye back closure that’s easy to get on and off. All-around it’s a sexy, luxurious piece that will definitely spice up your Valentine’s Day.

Image: Etsy

13. Pretty-in-pink bodysuit by AubadeLingerie

There’s nothing like a good ole fashioned bedroom bodysuit.

If you’re looking for sexy Valentine’s Day clothing that comes in a fun, bright pink, I recommend checking the Pink Queen bodysuit out. It’s sold by AubadeLingerie (an Etsy seller), which has a few other plus size options.

If you’re looking to really sexy-it-up, you can check out full-on fetish wear. Or simple pair it with a sexy chunky heel and some red gloss for a little more glam.

Valentine’s Day for plus size women FAQs

What should I wear on my Valentine’s Day date?

When it comes to choosing your plus-size Valentine’s Day outfit, go with what makes you most comfortable. I get that it’s a date and you want to impress whomever you’re out with, but at the end of the day your fashion is about what makes you feel good.

Is brining a change of “bedroom clothes” to my date’s house dumb?

No, girl!

If you want to do a costume change for Valentine’s Day, more power to you. You should by no means feel obligated to do it, but if that is something that’s on your list GO FOR IT.

And before you ask…

1. You will not look dumb, fat or gross in your intimates
2. It’s not “silly” to run to the bathroom and change before you move on with your evening
3. If your partner doesn’t appreciate it, they’re a d-bag #sorrynotsorry

And, at the end of the day, you are not obligated to wear fancy intimates if you don’t want to!

Final thoughts: plus size Valentine’s Day outfit

It can be a challenge to figure out the PERFECT Valentine’s Day outfit, but the most important factor is to wear something that makes you feel comfortable.

Whether you wear a racy piece of lingerie or go with a more cute, conservative dress — as long as you’re comfortable is what counts.

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