Does your summer wardrobe feature a plus size romper? If it doesn’t you absolutely must check out one of these ten super cute jumpers. I am a HUGE fan of one-piece outfits, they make creating an outfit that much easier.

Summer is a great time to show off those legs and a romper lets you do that while staying comfortable and in style. My favourite romper features pineapples on it, sadly I couldn’t find it again but you’re sure to find something in here that’s perfect for it.

Cute rompers for plus size

MakeMeChic cute rompers for plus size

Made of a combination of polyester and cotton, this non-stretch off-the-shoulder romper is fun and flowy, perfect for a bright summer day. It features wide legs, wide arms and an elastic waist to bring in some definition.

Wearers say that the colours are fantastic (there’s a selection if you don’t like the brown pictured) and it looks really cute. However, they also warn that the material doesn’t carry great breathability for ridiculously hot weather so keep that in mind!

Pair one of these rompers with a cute pair of wide width sandals. Check out our favourites!

Flower Girl plus size romper jumpsuit

If you’re looking for cool summer casual, the Flower Girl is a cute, comfy plus size romper that will keep you fashionable this summer. Plus it’s easy to get on with a stretchy waist band and a full neck to waist zipper in the back.

The fabric is a comfortable rayon with intricate embroidery on the top to give you some edge. You can wear this for your next backyard party or out while you grab fresh fruit and veggies (safely) at the farmer’s market.

Romwe pineapple plus size playsuit

If you love pineapples as much as I do then the Romwe plus size playsuit is PERFECT for you. Made of spandex and polyester, this romper is stretchy, comfortable and breathable.

Wearers say this romper is cute, comfy and looks killer on fat bodies. However, they do share that it plunges a little low so you might want to throw a little something underneath to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions.

Headed out in nature? Pair your romper pick with some hiking boots for a chic-meets-adventure look.

MakeMeChic women’s plus size halter romper

While the MakeMeChic halter romper doesn’t have stretch due to its 100 percent polyester make, it does have a ton of flow. It’s perfect for a hot summer day spent on the beach or by the poolside.

It has wide legs and a high waist to help give you that casual summer cool look. It has a halter neck that ties in the back and features two fun patters, either red and black or navy and white.

Gabby Skye plus size floral romper

If you are looking for something cute and casual that flows, then check out this Gabby Skye romper. It features three-quarter-length sleeves and a waist belt that creates a fabulous waist.

This plus size blue romper is perfect for a casual summer night out. The material is comfortable and it’s a flattering wear. It has all of the features of a dress but the comfort of wearing shorts.

Makemechic sunflower plus size yellow romper

Looking for something colourful and cute, then the Makemechic plus size sunflower romper. The spaghetti straps and v-neck make it absolutely perfect for a summer day.

The cute sunflower pattern adds a little bit of sunshine to your day, and the white edge accent gives it a little extra flavour. It also features an elastic waistline that’s great to provide a little extra shape.

Yskkt v neck casual jumpsuit

The Yskkt casual plus size jumper is perfect if you want to just hang out in your backyard with a cold drink and a book. It has a comfortable at-home vibe with a laid-back elegance that’s great for any occasion.

This jumper was made for casual occasions. Pack it in your bag to the beach or wear it during your next road trip. It’s not as great at hiding your waistline though, while it does feature an elastic waist it’s hidden under loose material.

You can pair this cute little number with some adorable summer flats!

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