About Hello Taee

Hey there babe, welcome to HelloTaee!

I’m your friendly neighbourhood blogger, Taee. I’m over here talking about a few of my favourite things, like where to find the best fat girl fashion trends, amazing beauty products that I love, dating, money and basically anything else that I think is important.

Us plus-size women make up a huge amount of the population, but we’re just there. We exist as a reminder of something that people don’t want to end up like. Even much of the body positivity movement is championed by people who think they’re doing us a favour.

I’ve been looking for a community of women who have the same experiences that I do. Somewhere where I could ready about how to fit all of my plus-size clothing into a carry-on (I’ve tried girl, it’s hard), where to find a bodysuit for a body that’s the “average” size or who has the best wide-width shoes. But alas, nothing.

Then it occurred to me, I’m a blogger. I’ve been a corporate writer and blogger for years. It’s about high-time I use my blogging powers for good and focus on creating things that I love. And voila, HelloTaee was born.

It’s here that you’ll find my daily thoughts in the form of blog posts, be able to download awesome products like The Ultimate Guide to Shopping Online for Plus-Size Clothing and sign up for our weekly newsletter (which you WILL NOT want to miss).

Blogging & Podcasting, Oh My!

Not only will your daily dose of fat girl lifestyle here on HelloTaee, but since you’re here anyway, make sure you check out the podcast, The Fattest Girl in the Room.

The Fattest Girl in the Room is a fat girl lifestyle podcast where we talk about everything from body positivity ? and finding clothes that make you feel sexy as hell ? to online dating ? and pop culture ?. It’s available on all of your favourite podcatching platforms.

I am SO GLAD you’re here. We’re going to have the best time.

If you’re not sure where to start, here’s what I recommend:

We’ve got a ton of goodies coming up so bookmark HelloTaee and come visit us often!

p.s. I’m taking back the word “fat” because if that’s what we’re going to be called, we may as well own it