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7 Plus Size Paperbag Shorts to Keep Cool in Summer (& What to Wear With Them)

Short weather is here (or coming, depending on where you live).

That means it’s time to start thinking about showing those bad boys that haven’t seen the sun for half-a-year (aka your legs, babe).

After you shave those bad boys (GAH!), it’s time to find the perfect shorts to dress up in.

I’m loving the plus size paperbag shorts trend.

I have a few pairs, including a super cute red flora print and a neutral-striped.

If you’re not sure where to get started with paperbag shorts, you’re in for a treat.

These are 7 pairs that I absolutely LOVE!

Best plus size paperbag shorts

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Editor’s pick: High-waisted by Old Navy

Made of a combination of linen and rayon, these high-waisted plus size paperbag shorts by Old Navy are perfect for the warm summer months.

Besides their cool, casual look, they feature:

  • Hidden fly zipper
  • Tie-belt
  • 4 pockets (two diagonal hip pockets, two back pockets with flaps)
  • Partially elasticized waistband
  • Built-in belt loops
  • Button closure

Pair them with a sleek tank top, or dress them up with something that features a full button front.

Highlight of Today by Pink Lily

I’m LOVING these Highlight of Today shorts by Pink Lily.

Not only is the pink polka dot pattern adorable, but they’re made of a slightly-stretch combination of rayon, polyester and spandex.

They have a comfortable high waist line that stretches, and pair perfectly with a crop top or bodysuit.

You also don’t have to worry about any wardrobe malfunctions because they’re lined with 100% polyester!

Image: Amazon | 16-24

Striped paperbag shorts by Hanna Nikole

Wearing stripes as a full-figured woman can be a gamble, but a simple vertical black and white short is perfect.

These high waisted plus size paper bag shorts by Hanna Nikole are super cute and comfy.

The lightweight material is a combination of polyester and viscose, making them comfy and breathable.

Pair them with your favorite solid-colored tank or tee and throw on a cute pair of sandals and you’re ready to go!

Image: Amazon | L-4X

Floral pink & black by Florens

What I love so much about paperbag shorts is the fact that they’re not constricting.

By design they have a flowy look that’s comfortable to sit in. If they happen to be high waisted like the Floerns.

These floral paperbag shorts plus size have a belt that sits on your waist, which looks super cute.

And they’re held up by an elastic which is WAY more comfortable then a jean short.

But you’ll want to double-check your measurements to make sure that they fit before you buy.

Palm leaf shorts by Pink Lily

Pink Lily has some adorable clothing for those of us that fit up to a 3X, and their Palm Leaf shorts are no exception.

Made of rayon, these shorts feature pockets and a tie waste.

While there is a stretchy waistline, the rest of the fabric has no stretch, so you’ll want to double (and triple) check your measurements.

I’m not brave enough to go with a white base short, but for those of you that are they’ll be super cute!

Waist floral & polka dot by Shein

I admit to having a few pairs of Shein paperbag shorts, and while not all of them are flattering there are a few gems.

I really like the summer-focused floral pattern you find in this pair of paperbag shorts.

Because it’s Shein, you want to double-check your sizing but if they’ve got a pair that fit they could be hella cute.

Pair these with your favorite black sandals, grab your beach bag, and head out for a day in the sun!

Pair of greeny-blue Wonderly high-rise shorts by Belk
Image: Belk | 14-24

Wonderly high rise shorts by Belk

Looking for a casual short that you can wear on your next hiking trip?

That’s where the Wonderly high-rise shorts come in!

These plus size paperbag shorts come in 4 a-typical but super cute colors that have a more pastel feel to them.

Very 90s, these shorts are made of machine-washable cotton that’s easy to care for.

For extra comfort, there is a button-closure, elastic waist band, and handy pockets.

Pair them with your favorite hiking boots and you’re good to go!

What do you wear with high waisted paperbag shorts?

High-waisted paperbag shorts tend to have more flare to them, meaning they’re best paired with something that provides a more shapely fit.

My favorite pairing picks include:

  • Fitted tank tops
  • Summer-themed graphic tees
  • Crop tops (especially for beach days!)

I also love that you can pair them with sandals just as easily as you can with sneakers.

If you’re looking for a profesh flare, I recommend pairing with a dress tank top and a blazer.

At the end of the day, the best pairing is whatever you’re most comfortable with.

Comfort beats “style” every time.

Plus size paperbag shorts FAQ

Why are they called paperbag shorts?

Paperbag shorts get their name from the scrunched appearance of the waistline.

What do you wear with high waisted paperbag shorts?

You can wear a pair of paperbag shorts with whatever makes you comfortable. I recommend a fitted top (like a bodysuit) and comfortable pair of sneakers for a cool, casual look.

Can pear shape wear paperbag shorts?

While anyone can wear paperbag shorts and look like a real babe, they tend to work best on those of us with a more defined waist. That’s because the high waist is set up to purposely define your waist. And yes, this includes pear shaped bodies!

Can plus size wear paperbag shorts?

Yes they can! I wear paperbag shorts all the time, and I love them. I highly recommend them because they’re comfortable, colorful, and cute!

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