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Guide to Plus Size Pajamas

Spending more time at home inevitably means spending more time in your pjs. But what are the perfect ones for you? There are a lot of choices out there for cute plus size pajamas, so let’s walk through some of the great choices!

Whether you are in a warm or cool climate, you like to have a cool or cozy sleep, there is definitely a set of plus size womens pajamas for you. So, which will you like best?

Plus Size Pajama Short Set

I really like a ladies plus size pajamas short set for warmer-weather climates and summertime. While you can keep it classy with a matching set, the short pant style helps keep you cool. 

This IN’VOLAND two-piece pj set has cute accent piping and a button-up shirt which can also make them great for a date-night set if you’re going for cute and casual. They are made of a viscose and spandex mix, making them stretchy and comfy.

I also tend to change into a short set before bed because I tend to be hot when I sleep. So while I will wear a longer lounge set around the house, I switch to shorts right before bed so I keep cool and help lessen any night sweats. 

A fun, casual and comfy choice is the printed pajama set at Rosegal. They feature a cute beachy-feel design, casual lines and a drapy feel. Not to mention they’re currently on sale for less than $30! What a steal.

Wear your new pjs with a pair of comfy slippers!

Plus Size Loungewear Set

Getting your hands on a full-length plus size pajama sets is ideal if you live in a cooler place like here in Alberta, Canada where we’re still seeing snow in April. They have full-length pants and a top that comes along with it so you stay fashionable and comfortable. 

While a pair of full casual nightwear like this Milumia set looks silky and luxurious, the price tag on this polyester set is WAY less expensive so even if you’re on a budget, you got this! If you’re looking for a luxury set that’s cheap, this might be for you.

You don’t have to go all-out with silk-looking plus size pjs, a super cute pant and tee combo work just fine. I really love a matching set of pjs for a day lounging around catching up on your favourite show on Netflix or digging into a good book. They give a clothing-like feeling that’s fit for the couch! 

A comfy pair of cozy and cute pajamas like these owl leaf ones are perfect if you’re spending an evening solo or with someone you know pretty well. They’re not a sexy as a babydoll or a cute night gown, but the comfy polyester-spandex blend will have you lounging about in style. And the full-leg coverage will keep you warm in cooler months.  

Plus Size Nightgown

Nightgowns are a great choice if you like a more feminine flow in your plus size pajamas for women. They offer a cooling and comfortable feel and can add a tad bit more of a sexy flare, even if you’ve chosen something that’s got a cuter look.

The IN’VOLAND sleep shirt has a casual comfortable look and feels like putting on an oversized shirt. It’s made of stretchy cotton with high-quality stitching and fabric, which makes it a cozy, comfortable wear. 

One of the best things about a nightgown is that it doesn’t feel as restricted as some of the other choices out there. Because of the open bottom, you can spread out and get comfortable at night. 

If you’re looking for a sexier wear but don’t want to go full-on babydoll, something like the Polka Dot Floral Ruffle Nightdress is an ideal choice. It’s made of a polyester-spandex blend, has a cute polka dot and rose pattern and a fashionable ruffled hem.

Plus Size Capri Pj Set

Sometimes you simply can’t get the temperature right. You’re a little hot and a little cold, and can’t figure out what to wear than the cropped PJs might just be the right pick for you. They provide a comfortable lounge set but aren’t too cool for a not-as-warm night. 

The Karen Neuburger Capri pajamas plus size pick is a cute and comfortable choice for the average homebody. They are made of a cotton and polyester blend with an elastic waist for ultimate comfort. Lightweight and comfy, they are a great choice. 

Cropped pjs work well for summer or winter months, regardless of the weather especially if you sleep hot. They also work amazingly for just lounging about the house or doing your Sunday baking. 

If you’re looking for a more summertime wear, the Woman Within cooling pajamas are an ideal choice. They have a Capri pant and a tank top, perfect for cooler weather. They also come in three fashionable colours including blue, pink and purple.

Stay comfy in a pair of comfy plus leggings!

Plus Size Long Johns

If you are Canadian, you know all about owning a good pair of long johns. Whether you’re living in a cool climate or you’re packing for your next camping trip, these are essential to have in your pajama wardrobe.  

While long johns seem old school and maybe a bit old wild west, you can totally get a cute pair like the Chigant thermal underwear set. These feature light fleece lined thermal base layers to keep you warm.

Long johns are great whether you are outside or inside. You can wear them under your everyday clothes if you’re going to be spending a lot of time outside. Or you can simply wear them to bed. Either way, they’re comfy and cozy.

These super cute IN’VOLAND long johns create a great base layer of soft polyester and spandex for superior warmth. You can wear it as a base while you run or hike in the cold weather, or you can use them as your typical nightwear.

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