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Wear a Plus-Size Bodysuit and Feel Sexy

Your wardrobe deserves a plus-size bodysuit, but since most curvy women avoid showing off their shape they’re not sure what to wear with it! So, let’s talk about my favourite bodysuit outfit ideas and how you can find the perfect one for your situation!

One thing that annoys the crap out of me about plus-size clothing is that everything seems to roll. Shirts roll up, pants slide down. It’s uncomfortable, annoying and just not sexy. Which is why I love bodysuits so much!

Imagine not having to secretly pull up or pull down your clothing as you walk down the street or before you head into the restaurant to meet your hot date. Bodysuits solve that problem! 

As a plus-size woman, I gravitated away from bodysuits because how can I fit all of this into one flimsy suit? But I happened upon a plus-size bodysuit on sale one day and took the plunge and I’ve never looked back!

Plus-size bodysuits are a God-send to curvy women, so long as you know how to style them. So, let’s talk about how to do that!

Taking a bodysuit casual

My standard operating mode is casual, sometimes with a bit of business flare. So naturally, I gravitate towards plus-size bodysuits that can be dressed up or down so I can pick the style I want.

I came across the IN’VOLAND short-sleeved bodysuits on Amazon one day. And after pouring through reviews and submitted photos I decided to bite the bullet (figuratively speaking) and buy a few because they were under $30 CAD. 

I am SO GLAD I did because they are perfect. They’re comfortable, they fit right and they look good. 

When it comes to casual plus-size bodysuit ideas, my natural staple is a pair of skinny jeans. The fancier I need to be, the darker the jeans I wear. My favourite combination is the red bodysuit with dark-wash jeans and a casual black cardigan. And I combine it with either a scarf or a nice necklace. 

If you need to step it up a notch for a business-casual networking event, I recommend pairing a black bodysuit with a pair of tan dress pants and either a black cardigan or blazer—I recommend skipping the straight blazer and going with a slight flare to show off those hips!

Dressing up a plus-size bodysuit

Bodysuits aren’t just for casual occasions, you can absolutely wear them while you want to dress up whether it be a business casual situation for work or an evening look for a hot date. 

When it comes to dressing up, I love a plus-size lace bodysuit. It gives the elegance of dressy top, but the security of a bodysuit so the fine material isn’t riding up over your hips or your stomach.

The catch is, because fancier bodysuits like thee lace-top one pictured have a dividing line between what people are supposed to see and what they’re not—you’ll need to opt for a higher-waisted bottom.

If you’re looking to dress up for a business meeting or interview, a professional-looking skirt like the Chicwe long tailored pencil skirt is perfect!

I love pencil skirts for plus size women, especially if you have a pear or hourglass shape because it gives you the opportunity to show off your shape (which is totally worth showing off).

Like I said earlier, with a plus-size bodysuit that features two fabrics, you’ll want to find something high waisted. And a high-waisted pencil skirt not only helps you cover up the dividing line, but it also helps define your shape in a feminine but professional way.

Skirts aren’t for everyone or every situation. I’m not a skirt wearer, not because I don’t love them (I do) but because I’m a tad bit self-conscious of my legs because I have psoriasis, which isn’t super-cute to look at. I solve my problem by going with a cute pair of opaque tights when I wear nice dresses, but often I opt for pants because I’m just not feelin’ it

If you’re not a skirt wearer or the outfit you’re planning calls for something with more coverage, I recommend pairing your plus-size lace bodysuit with a pair of fashion-forward pants like the dark grey satin cigarette pant pictured. 

I love a pair of pants like these because the satin material and front tie make the design elegant, but they’re comfortable and easy to move in. Paired with a bodysuit, these babies have unstoppable style!

A bodysuit-pants combination is perfect for a night out, a classic but slightly-dressy cocktail networking event, or getting together with your fellow fempreneurs for a night of collaboration, learning and fun. 

Why wear a bodysuit?

There is a weird unwritten rule out there that plus-size women can’t wear anything that shows off our figure. We opt for baggier clothing because we don’t feel confident enough to show off our bodies. Which tends to rule bodysuits out.

But plus-size bodysuits not only look sexy as hell (girl, they seriously do) but they solve some other problems that plus-size women have like shirts riding up and pants sliding down showing our panties—which, if you’re anything like me aren’t fancy enough to be seen!

So, why should you add a plus-size bodysuit (or six) to your collection? Because they’re easy to style, comfortable to wear and they make you look AMAZING. Seriously, take my word for it!

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Fat women don't have to sacrifice good fashion. Bodysuits are for everyone! Don't take my word for it though, get yourself a plus-size bodysuit and see what I mean!

What’s your go-to plus-size bodysuit? Drop your favourites in the comments below so I can spice up my closet!

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