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Stay Dry with a Plus Size Raincoat

The rain just won’t quit here. In fact, the farmer’s almanac has said that Calgary’s going to feature a “ring of fire” summer which basically means that it’s going to be REALLY hot and SUPER rainy. That means it’s time to get a plus size raincoat.

You might be wondering why I don’t have a rain jacket of my own already, but realistically it almost never rains here. Not more than a handful of times per year. So, I stick with light sweaters and winter jackets.

But not this year, this year it’s time to find a super cute coat that’s waterproof and gorgeous. Here are ten of my favourite choices for this year:

Land’s End Plus Size Rain Racket With Hood

If you’re looking for something that not only looks fashionable but will keep the wet out, then check out this Lands End plus size rain jacket. It’s made to keep temperatures from -3 to 19 degrees celsius. Plus it has a removable hood and side pockets.

Beyond the deep sea windowpane that we have pictured, this jacket also comes in a burnt city pink and black. It features a button-out insulated liner which can help to add some extra warmth when it’s windy.

ModCloth Women’s Plus Size Lightweight Rain Jacket

Looking for a plus size waterproof rain jacket that has all of the best qualities of a coat but the style you need then take a peek at the ModCloth At All Showers. It has a button front that will keep rain and wind off and the warm in.

The outer layer is made of 100 percent polyurethane and the inside out of 100 percent polyester. It’s perfect for a rainy morning or late night walk, in fact, you can wear this jacket for any occasion.

ModCloth x Princess Highway Plus Size Packable Rain Jacket

Not every rainy day is a cold one and the ModCloth x Princess Highway plus size floral raincoat is built for days where you need something to quickly shrug on and keep dry. It’s bold, colourful and will make you stand out in the crowd.

This lightweight jacket is great for summer days where the rain drops down. It has button-up pockets and an attached hood to keep the water off. It’s made out of polyester which is great for keeping the droplets off.

Packable Poncho Women’s Plus Size Raincoats With Hood

If simple is what you’re looking for, then a hooded rain poncho might be the top pick for your wardrobe. Made of 100 percent polyester this is a fully waterproof jacket that is quick-drying, breathable and eco-friendly.

This plus size clear raincoat features a front zip and a hood. It comes in 37 different colours including the cute dandelion pattern that we have pictured. It does a great job of keeping the rain off on a warm day.

Involand Plus Size Lightweight Rain Jacket

Involand makes great plus-size clothing and they’re one of my favourite Amazon brands for us full-figured ladies. If you’re looking for plus size women’s rain jackets with hood, then look no further than their Rain Windbreaker.

This super cute jacket comes in 15 different colours including the blue and green combination we have featured. It’s water resistant, lightweight and windproof. Perfect for packing in your bag or wearing around town.

Columbia Plus Size Yellow Raincoat

If you find yourself in the market for women’s plus size yellow raincoats, then the Columbia Arcadia Ii might be the perfect addition to your wardrobe. It’s got that super cute yellow vibe but features insulation for cooler weather.

If you’re not a fan of the yellow, it comes ten other colours. It features omni-tech waterproof technology that’s perfect for wetter weather. It also has an attachable storm hood and zippered hand pockets to keep your things in or your hands warm.

Eddie Bauer Plus Size Raincoat

Eddie Bauer also makes some great ladies plus size rain jackets and their Cloud Cap model is no exception. It’s made of 100 percent nylon that will help repel the store and keep you fashionable clothes dry.

It’s a lightweight jacket that you can get in seven different colours including the plum featured. It also has StormRepel build that helps to ensure everything under stays dry and there are pit zippers in case you need to quickly ventilate.

Lindi Stylish Plus Size Raincoats

The LINDI Reversible plus size waterproof raincoat has a super cute umbrella print that you won’t be able to match with any other jacket. It’s waterproof and lightweight, perfectly packable for your next summer road trip.

If you need something a little less bold you can flip it inside out and wear the black jacket instead. It also has a generous hood that will protect your hair. You’ll look cute, fashionable and fun, plus you’ll have double the outfits with this bad boy.

Via Spiga Best Women’s Plus Size Rain Jacket

The Via Spiga is an amazon plus size raincoats that technically is a little warmer than your average coat but is perfect for places with cooler weather. It’s especially great if you’re looking for something that can go all spring, summer and fall.

This features a polyester and spandex fabric mix that is lightweight, comfortable and warm. It’s breathable with active stretch and is belted to help give you a slimming look. Not to mention it is black, and black looks great on all of us.

Cole Haan Plus Size Long Raincoat

Cole Haan also makes some really nice women’s plus size rain jackets with hood and their Single Breasted model is perfect for travel. Made of polyester and nylon it will keep the rain off but will also pack really nicely in your bag.

You can get this bad boy in two different colours—the eggplant we have pictured and a simple yet elegant black. It has great reviews from the ladies that wear it, and it’s a bit longer to cover the top part of your legs.

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