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Good plus size fashion is so hard to find. Seriously, as a woman who fluctuates between an 18 and 20, depending on my weight at that time of year, finding clothes that don’t look like a garbage sac is a real problem. It’s like fashion companies want us to cover up our bodies. You know, maybe they do.

But I think that’s bullsh*t.

Plus size bodies deserve to see the light. wearing sacs and drab garb helps no one. It doesn’t make you look good—seriously, girl, no one thinks you’re hiding a size two under all of those layers. It doesn’t make you feel good—does anyone actually like wearing a tank top under a t-shirt, under a sweater that’s under a coat?

So, here at Hello Taee, we’re dedicated to helping fat women find awesome clothes and beauty products that they absolutely LOVE. The kind that you just have to wear. The kind that makes you feel like the hottest chick in the room—because you are if you want to be.

Feeling good about the way you look is so important to your self esteem. Feeling good doesn’t mean feeling sexualized and it doesn’t mean looking the way you’re supposed to look. It means feeling good in your own skin—and the right wardrobe and beauty products can make all the difference.

We post daily at Hello Taee, writing fashion list posts of our favourite types of products (like super cute rompers) or different options available (like these lingerie options), reviews on things that we love (like Go Walk slip-ons), styling tips and fashion opinion essays.

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Look, clothes can’t make you a different woman but they can make you feel like a different women. The right dress that not only looks good but feels good to you can make all the difference. Pair that with a mascara that makes you lashes go BOOM and you’re walking into that bar like you’re the boss.

It’s not your clothes, makeup or anything else that does it. It’s your confidence. But the things you wear and put on your body can help give you that tiny little boost that you need to walk into the room wearing a skirt that shows off your calves or peel off that t-shirt at your next pool party.

At Hello Taee, we truly believe that plus size fashion and beauty matters. We aren’t in it to snag the extra cash from adding in a few extra sizes or expanding our target audience by using an image of a fat girl in one of our ad campaigns.

We are a publication made FOR and BY plus size women. Because we deserve it.

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