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Plus-Size Fashion Money

Get Cash Back at these 10 Plus Size Clothing Stores with Rakuten

Is it just me or are plus size clothes really expensive? Unless you’re headed to Walmart or Target you’re looking at three figures, no less, for like a bloody top. But the good news for those online shoppers is that you can save money at a few plus size clothing stores with Rakuten.

Online shopping is my preferred way of getting clothes nowadays considering I want to stay healthy and safe. However, even pre-COVID there are some seriously awesome options for plus size ladies. But online shopping can be a little pricey, so let’s talk about saving money!

What is Rakuten?

Have you ever heard of affiliate marketing? I’m willing to bet you’ve heard the term even if you don’t know much about it. Rakuten is essentially an affiliate marketing program except they share the proceeds with account holders.

Signing up for Rakuten is 100 percent free and it doesn’t cost you anything to use (ever). Once you have an account, you search for your favourite store and click through the “shop now” link and you’ll be brought to the vendor’s site.

On the vendor’s site you make a purchase like you normally would. So long as you used the Rakuten link, you should see your account credited for your cashback a few days later.

Rakuten makes payouts four times per year (so long as you have $5.01 in your account)—February, May, August and November—right into your PayPal account, via a cheque or with an Amazon gift card, depending on how you choose.

The small amounts might seem like nothing, but if you consistently use their links you can make a decent amount of cash over time. To date, I’ve made over $125 and I always forget to link through (oops).

In fact, I just recently made my Addition Elle purchase using Rakuten and got a little bit of cashback that should payout in August. Not bad, especially since I’m getting some super cute clothes as well.

If you haven’t signed up yet, you should do so right away!!!

Save Money at These Online Plus Size Clothing Stores

Lane Bryant

Lane Bryan is plus size-focused retailer that designs clothing that’s built specifically for plus size bodies. I LOVE speciality retailers like this because I feel like they have a decent understanding of full figured bodies, but sometimes they have clothing that’s really bland.

That said there are some super cute pieces that you can pick up here. And right now you can get yourself something from Lane Bryant through Rakuten for up to 2.5 percent off. That means some sample numbers you might be looking at include:

Money SpentCashback

Lane Bryant is a premiere

Land’s End

Land’s End is a quality American retailer that provides clothing for bodies of any size. They have a pretty decent size collection of plus size women’s pieces that I personally like.

If you make a purchase using Rakuten’s links you can currently get up to 4 percent cash back. While that doesn’t seem like a lot it adds up, here’s what that might look like on a purchase:

Money SpentCashback

I find Land’s End to have pretty classic clothing. Traditional tops, cozy sweaters and comfortable pants. If you have a fairly classy style then this might just be the perfect place for you to find something.

I love some of their cozier products like the Cotton Cable Drifter Shawl Cardigan Sweater. But they have some super cute dresses (check out the Cap Sleeve Surplice Wrap Maxi) and even a pair of really unique swim leggings.


Penningtons is one of the biggest Canadian retailers that plus size women have available to them. They also own Addition Elle, but that has officially closed (but you might be able to score a few deals before the doors shut forever).

Their clothes are so-so, they’re either SUPER cute or meh and baggy. That said, you can make a purchase through Rakuten and get up to 2 percent cashback. That could look a little something like this:

Money SpentCashback

While I do find a lot of their clothes to be boxy and baggy which honestly helps no one, but they do have some super cute gems. I highly recommend sticking with their online store because I find that their online exclusives are more modern.

Right now I’m really loving the Solid Pleated Sleeveless Dress (which happens to be 40 percent off right now). I also love this double-breasted blazer and these striped swimsuit coverup pants.


I just discovered LOFT the other day and have sadly spend all of the cash I definitely didn’t have for clothing this month buying sale items from Addition Elle, but I have a few things that I’ve added onto my list.

LOFT is not a specialty retailer, but they do have a decent amount of plus-size clothing choices. Right now you can get up to 2 percent cash back through Rakuten, which looks a little something like this:

Money SpentCashback

I can honestly say that I’ve never personally shopped Loft but they have some super cute pieces of clothing. I really loved the Pointelle Sweater, and combined with those yellow ankle pants is a serious winner.

I also really love the crane jumpsuit, the stripe tiered maxi dress and this cute modern denim jacket. There are a number of choices for the plus size fashionista.


Overstock is kind of a hodge-podge of items. They focus mostly on houseware and some electronics, but they also have a half-decent collection of apparel that you can find. This includes plus size clothing.

You can make purchases on Overstock through Rakuten and make as much as 2 percent cashback. That might look a little like this, depending on how much you purchase:

Money SpentCashback

There are a ton of really great clothing choices at Overstock for fairly affordable prices. I really love the Belted Short Sleeve Midi Dress that you can get for under $40.

But if dresses aren’t your thing, they have super funky pant choices like these adorable harem style pants, affordable leggings and a really cute polka-dotted blazer. You can find something for any style here.


Maurices is a retailer that focuses on all clothing for women of all ages, and they have some super cute styles. If you’re looking for casual but cute and affordable, then you’re in the right place.

Right now you can get up to 2 percent cashback when you use Rakuten links. It might not seem like a lot, but this is what it might look like when you make a purchase:

Money SpentCashback

Maurices isn’t strictly a plus size clothing store but they have a pretty robust section for us bigger ladies. I particularly like the variety and the fact that the clothing aren’t boring blobs.

I would equate Maurices clothes closer to Torrid’s clothing but it seems to be a little more affordable. If you’re looking for something cute and affordable, I would look in the direction of this Floral Tank Top Jumpsuit.

Columbia Sportswear

Columbia Sportswear is a well-known, well-respected activewear brand that has some plus sizes. It’s important to note that full-figured clothing is not their target market so you do have to dig around to find the plus size gems.

If you’re looking to shop at plus size clothing stores that have activewear, then you want to look here. You can get up to 5 percent cashback using Rakuten, here’s what that might look like:

Money SpentCashback

Columbia doesn’t ONLY have active clothing choices, you can also find some super cute styles like the Bonehead Stretch Sleeveless Dress. Their clothes are great for travel and quality-built.

But it is important to note that Columbia Sportswear does have limited plus sizes. They typically only have styles that come in 1X to 3X, which is only inclusive if you happen to fit those sizes.


As one of the best plus size clothing stores that exists out there, it’s great that it’s also more accessible than some of the other choices. AND that you can (most of the time) get cash back from your Torrid purchase.

Technically cash back for Torrid has been suspended, but I’ve still included it because normally it’s available to Rakuten users. However, if you scroll down the main torrid page you can find some suite coupons like 30 percent of regular items and 50 percent of clearance.

I really love Torrid for plus size clothes, but as a Canadian the prices really rack up. Not only do I page the exchange but they shipping two. I once had a shopping car with $100 worth of items in it but with the conversion and shipping the total price was almost $200.

But they are a great pick if you’re looking for online plus size clothing stores. Especially those ladies that live in the US. You’ll find a great, fashionable collection for plus size women.

Bare Necessities

If you are looking for a plus size clothing store where you can get yourself some more intimate clothing, then check out Rakuten where you can get money back when you make a purchase.

With Bare Necessities you’re currently looking at saving up to 1.5 percent on each purchase—though, per usual, this can change. That means your savings might look a little something like this:

Money SpentCashback

While Bare Necessities isn’t a story dedicated us bigger ladies, they do have a fairly decent plus section where you can find undies, bras and even some activewear.

As with every time you shop online, you’ll definitely want to make sure you check the items sizing chart before you make your purchase. Their items vary in sizing and I’ve seen both UK and US sizing used for different products.


I really like J.Jill clothing. It’s incredibly fashionable and super cute. Not only that it their clothes are great for travel and incredibly well-made. If you’re looking for quality you’ll find it here.

If you decide to make a purchase through Rakuten at J.Jill, you can get up to 1.5 percent cashback depending on what how much you spend. A purchase might look something like this:

Money SpentCashback

It’s important to note that J.Jill doesn’t have a plus size section. Instead, you’re looking for their group of sizes called “womens” where you’ll find sizes from 1X to 4X.

Not all of their clothing comes in plus sizes, but I’ve been able to find a few super cute items. My favourites include their Ponte pants, packable anorak and their drawstring waist crops.

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